Accepted Papers

Measuring Controversy in Online News

Chris Leberknight, Kateryna Kaplun and Anna Feldman

An Integrated text mining Platform for Monitoring of Persian News Agencies

Mohammad Taghipour, Foad Aboutorabi, Vahid Zarrabi and Habibollah Asghari

Exploring the Predominant Targets of Xenophobia-motivated behavior: A longitudinal study for Greece

Maria Pontiki, Konstantina Papanikolaou and Haris Papageorgiou

Extending the Loughran and McDonald Financial Sentiment Words List from 10-K Corporate Fillings using Social Media Texts

Marcelo Sardelich and Dimitar Kazakov

IREvent2Story: A Novel Mediation Ontology and Narrative Generation

VenuMadhav Kattagoni and Navjyoti Singh

Linking written News and TV Broadcast News topic segments with semantic textual similarity

Delphine Charlet and GĂ©raldine Damnati

Weak Signals in News

Alina Irimia, Punguta Paul and Radu Gheorghiu