Daisuke Kawahara
Associate professor,  Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University 

Title: NLP Technologies for Picking Wheat from a Mixture of Wheat and Chaff

Journalists create news texts, and Natural Language Processing (NLP)
has made a progress by using these texts as a corpus since the
1990s. Since the 2000s, various social networking services have
emerged, and not only journalists but also everyone began to generate
texts especially on the Web. As a result, there are now an
overwhelming amount of texts that everyone can easily access, but it
becomes difficult to grasp an overview of an interested topic and make
decisions. In this talk, I will introduce NLP technologies that
support people to obtain relevant information and make decisions. In
particular, I will illustrate language resources and methodologies for
discourse analysis, temporal analysis, and emotion analysis.


Elena Erdmann
PhD candidate TU Darmsdat, journalist German newsroom of Zeit Online 

Title: Natural Language Processing in the Newsroom

How can the latest methods from Natural Laguage Processing be used to enhance journalistic investigation? In a cooperation between research training school AIPHES and the German Online Newsoutlet Zeit Online we study how these methods can be applied in journalism.
As a computer scientist gone data journalist, I will give some insights about the use of methods from Natural Language Processing and Data Science in the Newsroom of Zeit Online. I will discuss the different domains in which we already use Natural Language Processing today and point out practical problems and limitations that we face in our everyday work at the Newsroom. I will talk about opportunities for future research and highlight some promising approaches from the AIPHES research group.